Services Overview

Security assessments

Completing a security assessment is the first step towards understand and improving your security posture.

Cloud E Systems carry out the initial assessment, referred to as a baseline, free of charge.

Armed with the accompanying report, you will have a comprehensive understanding of where risks exist within your network, be it on workstations, network devices or servers.

Using this information, and the included recommendations and priorities, Cloud E Systems can work with you to design a tailored security road map, designing a project timeline for the replacement, improvement or reconfiguration of devices and services.

We will then run periodic Security Assessments to ensure we’re on track, improving your security at every step. These additional assessments will also discover and highlight any new issues on your network that have arisen over time.

Managed security

Want to outsource your complete security solutions to the experts? Cyber-attacks come in many different forms and we want you to have the best protection possible. 

From securing your Office 365 tenant (enhanced configuration, multi factor authentication, monitoring and reporting), to locking down your physical assets (computers, phones, tablets, servers, network hardware), our team excels in full scale comprehensive management of your security requirements.

The world of security is constantly changing, therefore a solution that works today, may not protect you tomorrow. 

For ongoing coverage against existing and emerging threats, engage Cloud E Systems to proactively manage all your security needs.

Incident response

Having a documented plan for how to detect a breach, how to respond, who to notify, and everything in between is essential.  Cloud E Systems will help you design a tailored Incident Response plan so in the event of a Cyber-attack, panic will be minimised.

Proper planning across all areas of Security will reduce your risk, however there is no way to eliminate it completely. 

The fact is, it’s not ‘if’ you suffer a cyber-attack, it’s when.  Are you prepared ?  If not, you will suffer increased costs in terms of recovery and downtime, as well as a longer window to get your business back up and running. 

Cloud E Systems recommends a proactive approach – those who are well prepared will survive, those who aren't? Maybe not.

IT Consultancy

Although we specialise in Security, our team has a wide variety of experience throughout most IT disciplines. 

We can assist with small and large projects, as well as providing advice if you’re ever in doubt. 

Thinking of moving to the cloud but not sure how? 

We can help. 

Concerned about security, backups, or thinking of implementing a new system for your business? 

We’ve got you covered.

For any and all enquiries, please reach out to the team and we’ll help navigate and manage the often-complex world of technology.  It’s not just our area of expertise, it’s also our passion.  We’re here to help.

Security Awareness Training

The people you work with are your greatest asset, although in terms of security, they’re also your biggest threat. 

A large percentage of data breaches are caused by human error, either accidentally sending confidential information to the wrong recipient, to having their devices infected with malicious software through email or web browsing.

We offer an online platform to keep your users abreast of their responsibilities, and what to watch out for – along with tailored onsite training to address specific issues. 

In addition, we can help you run internal tests, including email phishing simulations, to understand which users present the highest risk.

Managed Services

Not understanding your IT environment, or have the time to do so?  Leave it to us.  Through investigations, documentation, monitoring and support services, we act as your IT Manager, Chief Security Officer, and fully integrated helpdesk, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

Through proactive management of your IT systems, we can advise of any issues or changes required, plus maintain your backups, monitor for security issues, ensure your network is optimised and assist with any IT related projects – big or small, from an office move, development of a bespoke application, or the installation of an entirely new network.  

Although we are vendor agnostic we are experts in Network Operations and Telecommunications.

Disaster Recovery

As with preparing for a Cyber Incident, the key to surviving a disaster, is planning.  Cloud E Systems takes a proactive approach, working with our clients, to understand your critical assets, business applications, and any other technology related items that would affect day to day operations. 

From this research and subsequent discussions, an agreement will be reached for the acceptable downtime and recovery times, which will be incorporated into your tailored plan.

These plans will then be tested on an agreed schedule, to ensure they are up to date, functional and easy to follow – so in the worst case, we can help guide you back to full operational capacity quickly.

Hardware Procurement

Our clients range from small to large, with varying requirements in terms of software and hardware.  We can deliver a wide range of products from hundreds of different vendors, to ensure your business has all the equipment it needs to operate effectively. 

From new PCs and monitors, to network security devices and software for both servers and workstations, we’ve got you covered.

Ask us about what we can help you regarding hardware procurement.  Most equipment, if in stock, can be delivered on the next business day, and our team of experts can manage the installation, setup and configuration for you.

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