BankVault SafeWindow

Safe business banking 

Work from any device over the Internet, without a trace.

SafeWindow creates the illusion of a keyboard on your phone and builds a pristine remote Virtual PC, sidestepping all software on your devices to ensure you’re secure, anonymous and untraceable; even if your device is already compromised.


Traditional banking

Our devices, even if fortified with anti-virus or other security software, are vulnerable to a new generation of cyber-attacks called “non-malware”. This is legitimate code, such as JavaScript in your browser, which easily intercepts passwords or redirect bank account transfers.

Financial non-malware is undetectable and persists for months, can install other software, and easily capture’s banking login details. Hackers are then just one step from tricking you to reveal your banking FOB, SMS or Google Authenticate.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Cyber criminals harvest data from your device as you enter information working over the internet.  Their goal is to steal money from your bank account or hold data for ransom. Even existing 2 factor authentication security layers have flaws as outlined below.

Take control of your own security


Completely sidesteps your local device and all possible malware.


Access Facebook and personal email through your work computer.


Access financial platforms and online service with absolute security.


New machine and browser means you are absolutely incognito to thwart tracking of advertisers etc.



Remote isolation is better than anti-virus antidote. It’s like waking up with a brand new body every login.



The user's phone is harnessed by the Virtual PC and used as a data input device.  The keyboard itself is an illusion created by the Virtual PC.

Encrypted websockets ensure nothing can intercept the communication and user on-screen actions can only be decrypted by the webserver session which generates characters inside the webserver.

This is also the only place where context exists to marry the username with the password. Only asterisks are echoed back to the user's screen so there is literally nothing to intercept on any device.

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