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Get peace of mind knowing every aspect of your IT infrastructure is fully managed by expert technicians.

From 24/5 Helpdesk support, onsite servicing, to securing your company data and more, we have you covered.

What are Managed Services and why are they important?

Managed Services is a flat rate service for the monitoring, management, and support of your IT and related assets. These services are aligned to your organisation's requirements and goals, giving you comfort knowing that a team of experts is taking care of your technology. Along with a team of support technicians, you’ll also get the benefit of an experienced IT Engineers, who can help ensure IT is supporting your organization in its goals.

Services and Solutions

IT Strategy

Your technology should support your business goals. We’ll create a roadmap, IT budget and evaluate your technology to make IT part of your growth strategy.

Proactive Support

We stay ahead of the game with maintenance and management that prevents unnecessary issues. With built-in security measures, you can rest easy knowing data is protected.

Help Desk Support

No matter the question or challenge, our help desk team is available 24/7/365 to assist your employees.

On-Site Support

When challenges arise that must be fixed on-site, we dispatch a local resource quickly to resolve the issue, as often as needed.

Business Reviews

Regular reviews are critical to understand how your technology is working for your business. Our experts assess your current IT stack, how it serves your business goals, and make recommendations for improvements.

Network Support

Dedicated techs consistently monitor your infrastructure and implement patches, updates or upgrades as needed, and manage license renewals.

Vendor Management

When you have an IT problem the last thing you need are vendors pointing fingers at each other. Don’t feel like the middleman, let us handle the communication to get services you need.

IT Procurement

You need a new server, new laptops, etc. Our established partnerships allow us access to almost anything you could need at a competitive price.


Our team is available to consult whenever you need it – whether you’re considering tech stack additions or a move to the cloud, we’re here for you.

How do we do it?

  1. We begin by assessing your current IT infrastructure, hardware, and operating systems. 
  2. We build a clear analysis of your business processes as well as potential risks.
  3. We get to know your business in-depth, including your expectations and your budget to get a better understanding of what works for you.
  4. We proactively monitor your systems to prevent data loss and downtime from occurring, instead of reacting to problems.
  5. You’ll avoid expensive on-site fees while receiving faster support. Our remote monitoring system enables us to access and repair most network and computer support issues right from our office.
  6. You’ll finally put a stop to annoying spam, pop-ups, and spyware taking over your computer and your network.
  7. You’ll gain incredible peace of mind. We’ll make sure everything pertaining to your network security and reliability is handled so you don’t have to worry about it.

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