Cyber Security Awareness Training

Create Employee Training Campaigns

Create a list of employees. Select course to start campaign. Email notifications will be sent to employees automatically.

Everything you need to make your employee care about Cyber Security

Easy to set and start training campaigns. Short, mobile-friendly training videos that are easy to understand. Automatic notifications and tracking users’ progress.

Easy intuitive App

Effective learning that saves time and resources. Available from a PC or Mobile device.

People’s attention span is short, so we've made our videos 1-minute long and to the point

Topics covered

  • Public WiFi safety
  • USB safety
  • Phishing
  • Social media security
  • Shadow IT
  • Insider threat
  • Mobile security
  • Password management
  • New employee onboarding
  • GDPR

The Cyber Security Training your employees need

Video Training

  • 50+ Videos
  • Quizzes
  • Track progress


  • Track user scores
  • New emails monthly
  • Leaderboard

Phishing Simulation

  • Pre-configured templates
  • Phishing statistics
  • Scheduled campaigns

Sample videos

Languages available

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German

Training options

  • Short and to the point

    High employee engagement is important. That is why we created a UX-friendly design, easy to understand videos, interactive tests, and friendly notifications so the user stays actively interested, while the manager can focus their time on other tasks.

  • Reporting

    Important metrics presented in an easy to understand way. Quickly find out how employees and departments progress through the training.

  • Email notifications

    Making your job easier one automated email at a time. Not only will we send email notifications to users as training reminders, but we will also send automated reports to managers to help track the users’ progress.