Cisco Meraki


Meraki offers comprehensive, scalable, and intuitive cloud managed IT solutions with integrated hardware, software, and cloud services, all managed via a centralized, web-based dashboard.

Cisco Meraki offers cloud-managed;

  • Wireless Access Points (MR),
  • Switches (MS),
  • Security Appliances (MX),
  • Endpoint Management (SM),
  • Security Cameras (MV), and
  • Meraki Insight (MI).


Industry-leading indoor and outdoor 802.11ax wireless access points with built-in location analytics


Security / SD-WAN

Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliances with Software Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) capability included at no extra cost



Branch and campus access and aggregation switches with remote packet capture and cable testing


Customer profiles

Small & medium-sized business

Businesses with few locations and usually less than 250 employees


  • Fast launch time to open sites quickly
  • Securely connect business systems
  • Guest Wi-Fi at little, or no, extra cost
  • Encourage loyalty, understand buyer behaviors, and grow the business

Distributed Small Branch

Typically non-HQ locations dispersed throughout the region, nation, or world


  • Quickly and securely share resources
  • A single, comprehensive solution
  • Managed by ISP due to a lack of IT
  • Reliably maintain security and
    prevent threats across all locations

Bespoke Enterprise

Organizations of any size needing a tailored solution


  • Insights to drive growth & innovation
  • Promote employee efficiency
  • Digital transformation
  • High user capacity & reliable



Help hotels, restaurants, etc. go beyond guest wireless and deliver a custom experience, from more attentive staff to increased personalized interactions.

Example Business

  • Independent or multi-site hotels
  • Resorts or distributed properties
  • Small to large restaurants
  • Chain coffee shops and cafes
  • Cocktail bars, clubs, nightclubs

Network Devices

  • Point of sale devices
  • Wireless/wired speakers
  • Wired back office workstation
  • Employee wireless devices
  • Guest wireless devices

Delight Users
Remotely configure secure guest
Wi-Fi with custom splash pages
and featured offers, all in a few
dashboard clicks

Location Analytics
Provide actionable insights into
how guests move through
properties, where they linger, and
how often they return

Customize Experiences
Bluetooth radios in Meraki APs
provide seamless integration with
third party apps for context and
location-aware mobile experiences


Optimize critical deployments typicalof clinics, medical campuses, and assisted living facilities with accessibility, end to-end visibility, and control

Example Business

  • Multi-site healthcare groups
  • Small to large hospitals
  • Emergency response services
  • Distributed practitioner sites
  • After-care or aged care facilities

Network Devices

  • Employee workstations & wireless devices
  • Wireless/wired security cameras
  • Connected printers
  • Guest wireless devices

Patient Connectivity
Allow hospital guests and patients
to stay connected to loved ones
with APs that securely isolate
guest traffic from the core network

Secure Sharing
Securely transfer sensitive patient
data between locations with
self-healing, auto-provisioning
site-to-site VPN

Maintain Control
Limit patient/guest wireless access
to specific APs and for scheduled
times of day, while providing staff
with bandwidth they need


Prevent production downtime with a solution that works to combat tough
RF environments, open or high-ceiling spaces, and extreme temperatures

Example Business

  • Finished goods producers
  • Clothing, electronics, etc.
  • Raw product and in process sites
  • Chemical, steel, mineral, etc.
  • Warehouse & distribution

Network Devices

  • Employee workstations & wireless devices
  • Wireless/wired security cameras
  • Connected machinery
  • Contractor/vendor devices

Enable Mobility
Enable workforce efficiency with
secure connectivity to fast Wi-Fi
and APs built to overcome
challenging environments

Complete Coverage
Rapid expansion of connectivity to
remote “dead zones” with
zero-touch, automatic AP meshing,
regardless of conditions at the site

Monitoring & Insights
Provide production quality
assurance and monitoring with
motion search tools and analytics
built into security cameras


Improve student learning and school innovation with reliable connections and always-on coverage, while providing both IT and physical security

Example Business

  • Independent or multi-site schools
  • Districts, multi-academy trusts etc.
  • Universities & remote outposts
  • Research facilities
  • Network access for staff & students

Network Devices

  • Student & teacher wired / wireless devices
  • Wireless/wired security cameras
  • Connected printers
  • Guest wireless devices

Prioritize Education
Seamlessly manage applications
by blocking certain harmful sites,
limiting bandwidth on other apps,
and prioritizing educational apps

Usage Control
Create multiple student, teacher,
and guest networks and assign
varying levels of traffic shaping or
firewall rules to each network

Student Insights
Get up-to-date insights into client,
student, and application usage
with cloud-automated classification
and device fingerprinting