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I founded Cloud E Systems as the vehicle to enable me to help clients leverage technology to operate and grow their business.

My focus is on 'results'.

The result I pursue for my clients revolves around improving their company security posture, communications, maximizing investment, and minimizing costs.

I am fortunate to have developed expertise in several vendor solutions and technologies, especially Cisco over 10 years as a Network Engineer, initially with solution integrators and later direct with global enterprise companies.

My focus at Cloud E Systems is in the following two areas:

1) Supporting existing clients ā€“ this covers design, implementation, and management of their network infrastructure.
- Managed Network Services
- Remote worker solutions

2) Meeting new potential clients and proposing solutions ā€“ helping organizations achieve their goals, such as cost reduction, resilience, and most importantly prevent them from being hacked.

Cloud dependency & network security is a rapidly advancing area and Iā€™m delighted to be moving forward with the Cisco partnership and solutions portfolio.

If you, or someone you know, would like to improve their communications systems and security, send me an email ā€“ at joel@cloudesystems.com.au

Joel Elias - Founder & Principal Consultant

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