Registering a domain name for a business – In 30 minutes or less

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The simplest, easiest way to register your domain name and begin your online presence!

Technology continues to evolve in the way we connect and interact on the Internet.

Many years ago only well known large businesses like Microsoft and IBM owned domain names for websites as apposed to now days, every person has the liberty to purchase their own space on the internet.

So what is a domain name?

A Domain Name in the World Wide Web commonly refers to the URL section of your browser (at the top).

I have included a table which extracts the domain portion from commonly used URL addresses.

The HTTP(S) & WWW portion are features you can add and configure once the domain name is under your ownership.


Furthermore, the domain name is an entity and reference name very much like the trading business name you register for tax purposes.

What you might find interesting is that the domain holds no significance until you purchase Web & Email hosting services.

If we were to use an analogy, your Domain Name is like your home street address, they are both are an easy way of remembering the name of the location.
If we didn't have the Domain Names we will have to use the raw IP address such as to navigate to websites. As we all know this is not practical and definitely not easy to remember.

The 4 primary components to a domain

  • Reference name & Entity
  • An easy to use reference name
  • Able to choose from a large range domain extensions . com, .net,, and many more.

CEO's are 9X more likely to collaborate with other businesses who use a true business email address.

The problem is that approximately 80% of small business owners do not use a personalized business email to communicate with their prospective and existing clients.

Instead they will use a personal email account such as or to communicate. This is like attending a business meeting with the shorts and a T-Shirt. Don't get me wrong the person wearing the shorts and T is just as valuable as the person wearing a suit and tie. But the first impression and presentation you provide speaks highly of your business.

The non personalized email account may get you by or "get the job done" however you may be missing out on an opportunity simply due to a lack of interest in investing in your brand.

We went out and asked the CEO's of medium sized bushiness. We discovered that business owners are 9X more likely to do business with small businesses who use a true business email address.

In short, here is what you are missing out on.
  • Accessibility - Be searchable through Search engines ( Google, Bing)
  • Copyright and trademark - Ability to take ownership of your brand name  
  • Build credibility - Obtain customer feedback via your own website
  • Brand awareness - Ability to build brand awareness through advertising containing your domain name.
The first step to building your online presence is to register a Domain name
Below is a step by step instruction how to register your domain name within 15 minutes

1 - Domain extension - .com or

The first step in registering a domain name you need to understand the target audience you are trying to focus on and their geographical location.

The most common domains you will see the most for businesses are GTLD's (Global Top Level Domains) and SLD ( Second level domains )
GLTD = .com

There is a large range of extensions to choose from, in fact the process in registering the domain is the same but for the purpose of today's guide we are going to just be demonstrating the process on both the .com and

Ask your self these 2 question;

Am I trying to sell my products and services customer around the world ? = if YES, Register a GLTD
Am I trying to sell my products and services to clients ONLY within Australia ?= if YES, Register a SLD ( or

With prices being as low as $12 AUD per domain it will be more of advantage to register both in case you device to branch out in the future.

Once this has been confirmed, let move onto Step 2.

2 - Domain name search - Decide on a domain name

Now that we have decided on what domain extension to use we can start crunching words and ideas.

For this task I would like you to use either of the following tools / links.

These tools provide you possible name options with your domain.
Just type in one or 2 key words you would like your domain name to contain and sit back and review the results

Name mesh

Write down all the possibilities that appeal to you as you will use this on step 3

Below are a couple of key points to consider when looking for a domain name.

  • Pick two to four words maximum for your domain
  • Can be exact match or close to your trading business name

3 - Check Domain availability 

Domain availability check

So you have a really good idea what Domain Name you want to register. Now you need to check if its available to purchase.

Click the button above to check if the domain is available

Before you begin getting business cards, marketing material made up, ensure domain is available.

4 - Register your domain name 

Proceed with adding the domain(s) to cart and checkout.

Please note that if you are registering a .au domain ( Australian domain ) you will need to provide an ABN ( Australian Business Number ) or ACN ( Australian Company Number ).
The governing body for Australian domain names ( require this as proof and legitimacy of your business.

Congratulations! You are now the owner of your domain(s).

At this stage, you have purchased the land for your house. Now you have to build on it!

You can now proceed in setting up your Web and Email services in order to make use of your domain.


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